Mary Baker Eddy lived in New England from 1821 to 1910. This website gathers into one place my efforts to better understand the 19th-century ideas that surrounded her during this time. On the list below you will see what I published on this topic between 2000 and 2015. On other pages you’ll find the text of these articles, a summary of what I’ve learned from them, news of their reception, and a helpful paper on Christian Science -- Eddy’s religious system. Although I have moved on to other aspects of this research, these articles continue to be cited. Thus, I am keeping this website current. More recently, I have added two studies which have not been published. Feel free to contact me directly with comments and questions.

Published Studies

(2015). review of Peter A. Wllner, Faith on Trial: Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, and the First Amendment (Concord, N.H.: Plaidswede Publishing, 2014) in Historical New Hampshire, 69(Summer), 77. READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2010). How Homeopathy Came to New Hampshire, 1840-1860. Historical New Hampshire, 64(Spring), 27-37. READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2010). The Rise of 19th-century American Spiritualism, 1854 – 1873. The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(June), 361-373. READ ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2009-2010). Samuel Barrett Stewart, the Essex Conference, and the Remaking of American Unitarianism, 1865-1892. The Journal of Unitarian Universalist History XXXIII, 86-108. READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2008). How the Philosophy of Science changed Religion at Nineteenth-Century Harvard. Zygon 43(3), 639-650. FIND ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2005). Louis Agassiz and the Platonist Story of Creation at Harvard, 1795-1846. Journal of the History of Ideas, 66(3), 437-449. FIND ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2001). Locke—Stewart—Mill: philosophy of science at Dartmouth College, 1771-1854. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 15(2), 167-175. FIND ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2000), The “New Divinity” Movement and Its Impact on New Hampshire’s Town Churches, 1769-1849. Historical New Hampshire, 55(1&2), 25-40. READ FULL TEXT HERE

(1998), Wittgenstein, Edwards, and the Humanity of Robots paper read at IDENTITY, FORMATION, DIGNITY: The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science upon Jewish and Christian Understandings of Personhood April 30 - May 2, The Boston Theological Institute, READ FULL TEXT HERE

Unpublished Studies

(2014), Charles Augustus Tulk and the Birth of New Thought in America, 1817-1886, READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2009). Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: From American Universalist to Boehmian Magus, 1836 to 1866. READ FULL TEXT HERE